Raymarine EV-200 Sailboat Linear Drive Autopilot

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Evolution Autopilot with p70s control head & ACU-200, EV1 Sensor Core, EV1 Cabling kit (suitable for Type 1 drives)

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Product Overview:

Raymarine EV-200 Sailboat Linear Drive Autopilot is designed for use on small sailing boats up to 11,000kg Displacement (laden). Raymarine EV-200 Sailboat Linear Drive Evolution autopilots preceive their environment & instantly calculate & evolve steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise & confident Course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions.

Operation couldn’t be simpler… steer onto your desired Course, press the AUTO button and let go of the wheel! It really is that simple. To disengage the pilot and regain manual control, grab Hold of the wheel and press the STANDBY button, you now have control.


  • E70096 – Ev1 Evolution Sensor Core
  • E70099 – ACU-200 Actuator Control Unit
  • E70328 – p70s Autopilot Control Head (Sail)
  • R70160 – Evolution cabling kit


Brand Raymarine
Country of Manufacture China
Warranty 3 years