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Consultation & Design Sales & Customisation Installation & Commissioning Service & Fault Finding

From market entry runabouts and old wooden treasures passed down through the generations, to the high end luxury Motor yachts and Super yachts, our 30 years of industry experience covers the full spectrum of marine electrical and electronics from initial consultation and design through to sales, installation and servicing.

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Our Work

We focus on client/vessel requirements and ensure the right product and application is provided, whether it’s standalone electronics or a full customised integration of a new system.

We are experienced in the following:

  • Supply, install and commission Navigation Electronics
  • Repair and service instruments including large spare parts workshop
  • Sell new or upgrade charts including Navionics, C-Map and AusENC
  • Install and upgrade charting software including Expedition & MaxSea
  • Installation of VHF/AIS communication
  • Configuring Satellite TV, Phone, and internet solutions
  • Battery Management, charging & monitoring
  • Digital switching, monitoring, and controlling
  • Entertainment systems
  • Camera and monitoring systems
  • Docking solutions
  • Electrical Survey

Featured Project

Electrical and Electronics upgrade – ‘MARGUERITE’

Olectric systems recently embarked on the complete electrical and electronics upgrade of Motoryacht “Marguerite”, securing the vessels compliance with the current Australian Safety Standards.

The project involved the replacement of its existing generator and shorepower distribution system, requiring suitable new cables, circuit protection, installation of an electrolysis blocker as well as a reverse polarity protection device. The existing 240Vac selection enclosure in the engine room was re-mounted by our technician to ensure the correct positioning of the access glands. The vessels house and engine start batteries were also then replaced with four Varta K7 Batteries. It was great to see yet another successful vessel upgrade completed by our technicians over the course of a speedy few months.

Featured Work

What is an Electrical Survey?

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) has established a requirement for domestic commercial and government vessels to undertake regular electrical surveys reporting on low and extra low voltage on electrical systems.  The purpose of the survey is to ensure safety and operational compliance against industry standards set by AMSA and NCSV.  Olectric Systems undertake both AMSA Surveys for vessels as our team are qualified electricians with electrical licences. 

We also undertake AC inspections for power vessels which are not under survey conditions but are utilising best practice processes to ensure their vessel is in excellent working order electrically. This process involves an initial inspection, compilation of recommendations and the rectification of these, with a final sign off upon completion. 

 Talk to us about your vessel and how we can ensure it meets safety and industry standards.

Featured Product


We can take the stress out of docking with the install and customisation of a  wireless remote control docking system to make docking easier and safer.

Dockmate is the latest in advanced, yet very affordable wireless remote control technology for your boat. Dockmate will allow you to operate your boat’s electronically controlled engines, thrusters, anchor winch and horn from anywhere aboard your boat using a small handheld device! 

If your boat is equipped with electronic controls then it can be equipped with a Dockmate System. Depending on the existing systems on the vessel, the Dockmate can connect to the engines digitally through CANbus technology, through analogue connection or via a gearbox interface directly to the gearbox solenoids.  The typical Dockmate® installation can be completed in one day or less.

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Wireless remote control docking system
to make docking easier and safer

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